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Panzer II - Afrika Korps 1941

The Panzerkampfwagen II (abbreviated to PzKpfw II), or its common name, Panzer II, could reach a speed of about 25 miles an hour. It carried a 20mm gun and a 7.92mm MG.34. It was crewed by a commander/aimer, a driver, and a radio operator/loader.

At the start of the Second World War, the Panzer II was the most numerous tank used by the German Panzer Divisions. Its armament was inadequate against most Allied tanks and it was mainly used for reconnaissance.

This Panzer II is shown in the desert scheme of the German Expeditionary Force in North Africa, the Afrika Korps, in mid-1941.

This is the 1:35 Tamiya kit with the tooling originally from 1971. It's an old one, but still turned out all right in the end. Weathering was completed primarily with a mix of washes and soft pastels.

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